We run a number of websites under the umbrella: High Class Equine Media. All websites are free, informative and fun. 

But what makes this website different?

Love them or hate them most punters take advantage of multi bets. We've all got our favourite: Trixie, Yankee, Lucky 15 to the Goliath, which comprises eight tip selections making an incredible of 247 bets. Eye watering.

Now I know in the main these bets are the bread and butter for bookmakers. However, strength and weakness are two sides of the same coin. Pro gamblers vary in their technique to a point they all conflict with their use of bets. However, Jack Ramsden used multi bets as a great way of making big money. Similarly, Barney Curley used multi bets to hammer bookmakers for millions. They got caught with the very bet they love. 

Let's be honest, the average gambler isn't interested in betting £500 on a 6/4 shot. As we all say (and need to adhere) bet what you can afford to lose. For this reason we stick to multi bets on this website because they give the punter a chance to win incredible sums of money for a few pound. We endeavour to turn a bet that the bookies traditionally loved to one they hate, detest and squirm when they have to pull out a wedge from their pocket. 

Multibetpro may pick 3,4,5,6,7 or even 8 selections to make a bet but don't think our tips are second rate or watered down because of the quantity. We work with people who have a proven track record finding winners. 

We are not suggesting staking ridiculous amounts of money. All our bets are based on £5 stake. If punters wish to scale up and bet more that is their choice. Our aim is to get in profit and bet with the bookmaker's money. 

In an age where bookmakers are akin to an intelligence services the multi bet is one option for punters to hit them hard rather than place a hefty bet - win - and find their account has been closed or restricted to a point where it is useless.

Bet responsibly, enjoy and fingers crossed we can make some money along the way.

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  1. Thanks for the information! I never thought about multi bets before, but seems like a great idea. i must tell my friend Christina about this!


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