Hi, I'm Jason Coote a forty-something gambler and internet entrepreneur based in the windswept Fens, deepest East Anglia. 

A passion for horse racing came from my late father, Colin, and our beloved family holidays at Caister-on-Sea, Norfolk. While on our seaside escapades we would enjoy a day's racing at Great Yarmouth. 

Every September, we make a merry pilgrimage to the three-day Eastern Festival in memory of family & friends who are sadly no longer with us but forever remembered, celebrated and rejoiced. In so many ways all that I have achieved and strive to be came from those formative, glorious, summer days. 

Multibetpro is a great website with a simple but powerful format.It is very much for punters who want to see the bet and get on with their day. Why multi bets? In many ways they are perceived as a big earner for bookmakers (and so they might be). However, we are trying to buck the trend by detailing a range of bets (predominantly multi bets) Treble, Accumulator, Yankee, Trixie, Lucky 15, Canadian & Heinz. We stop at the Goliath which consists of 8 selections!!! 

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It's interesting that retro pro gambler Jack Ramsden made use of multi bets to make a handsome profit and we intend to do the same. The greatest aspect - whether love them or hate them - is that these exotic bets can return a huge win for relatively small money. 

25p bet shocker for William Hill 
I feel pretty confident we can make a profit.

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