Monday, 15 November 2021

Alternatives To Betting on the Grand National

Sport is struggling with the Coronavirus. Most live sporting events have been postponed but that doesn't mean gamblers are still chomping at the bit. 

It was sad to hear this year's Grand National 2020 has been canceled. It was meant to be taking place on the 4th of April at Aintree. Tiger Roll may win three nationals (when the next one happens) but it will never be quite the same as three in a row at least chronologically. To be honest, I will just be pleased to see a Grand National take place whichever horse wins. Probably most of us never really appreciated all the sport happening around us and when we get past all of these concerns we will, hopefully, see a brighter day when we can love the sport we love. 

I am missing the new Flat turf season, which would have been starting about now. However, that won't be happening but fingers crossed we don't have to wait until next year. 

It is a concern that if the racing industry stops too long that many owners and trainer swill struggle to carry on which means people will lose their livelihood, others lose their jobs and sadly, I really hope this never happens, that horses are put out to grass or sent to slaughterhouses. That is something that simply cannot happen. For that reason, I really home horse racing can get back to business and that all-important prize money (it's not much) but it is literally the carrot dangled in front of the owner and the horse. 

Until life sorts itself out, we will have to make the most of gambling alternative. There are plenty of online betting opportunities so you can take your pick.    

Clearly, the welfare of humans and horses is paramount. 

As seen with so much of life it really is a time to work together and simply do our best for one and all. 

Keep safe.

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