Wednesday, 8 April 2020

Betting Strategy: Racing Tips that Return a Profit

Betting Strategies.  

Perhaps I should say strategy. 

This post is very basic, going back to the bare facts of making your racing tips pay. 

I know you hear this word a lot these days - niche. But why is a niche so important? Well, it kind of makes sense, hey. From a logical point of view, it leads you down a path to understanding. When you want to buy something very specific, you go to a place that specialises. Simply, because they know what they are talking about and not distracted by wanting to understand the answer to every, imaginable, problem. 

It's the same with understanding something, anything, about horse racing. Even if you enjoy every aspect of horse racing [it covers an unending list] you would simply run out of time. 

Horse racing is akin to being stuck on a conveyor belt. it keeps on moving and if you fall behind, you are very unlikely to catch up. Fall behind, and you may as well give up. Why? Because you don't know what you are doing. Lacking, outdated, like an outpaced horse.  

Perhaps you have a betting strategy that you can pick up and put down as you please. It is possible. Perhaps you have a bot which makes you money passively. It's possible. But whatever you do, it will need to have taken a lot of time to understand. Some people may get lucky and find something that works without much hassle. I would seriously question that point if you think you have found it. Test with a paper trail until you are convinced. Even then, I would be careful and build your betting bank slowly. 

There are people who make money betting. 

There are people who make money in every aspect of the business. While some convince themselves there is no money to be made in anything. It is they who cannot make money not there is no money in a given area of betting, business...whatever. 

Make money with understanding your niche. 

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