Friday, 28 February 2020

How Do You Bet on Grand National Day?

If you listen closely you can still hear to echo of Sir Peter O'Sullevan's commentary of Grand Nationals gone past: 

''The crowd are willing him home now. The 12-year-old Red Rum, being preceded only by loose horses, being chased by Churchtown Boy... They're coming to the elbow, there's a furlong now between Red Rum and his third Grand National triumph! And he's coming up to the line, to win it like a fresh horse in great style. It's hats off and a tremendous reception, you've never heard one like it at Liverpool. Red Rum wins the National!''

Few race fans will forget the moment they watched Red Rum triumph to his third victory in 1977. 

O'Sullevan was known as ''the voice of racing'' caught the honesty and truth of so many great races. 

Are you ready for the greatest steeplechase in the world? The Grand National 2019 will commence on 6th April 5:15pm. Another winner will add to the history of this great race which dates back to 1839 when a horse named Lottery won at odds of 5/1f. 

The National is a race where stories are made. In truth, funny, witty, honest, hard, gritty, tearful stories. Jumping over 30 fences and a distance of 4 miles 3 1/2 furlongs isn't for the faint-hearted. 

An interesting question (well, it might be). How do you bet on Grand National Day?

Take a read of these five bettors and see which reminds you of someone you know: 

1) The Man Of The House

True, the highest percentage of bets are placed by men. So talking about families it probably indicates dads. I have fond memories of my dad making his selection for the big race. Sitting at the table in the kitchen, often using a big magnifying glass to get that closer look at the form. I'm sure he backed Red Rum a few times. Always a quiet, studios man who enjoyed his racing. How I wish I could go back in time and chat with him about what tips he fancied. So often, dad's know best.

2) The Betting Shop

This man knows his horses and he just loves to tell you his opinion (even if you don't really want it). If he could go back ten years you just know he'd be smoking John Player Specials. The font of all knowledge. He can tell you Red Rum won the Grand National on three occasions. Guess what? He's just about to give you this year's winner. So what is it you ask? He disappears faster than Mr Frisk. 

3) Sweepstake 

Love them or hate them you can guarantee if you work for a business or company someone will appear with The Grand National Sweepstake. Yay!!! Let's not give money to the bookmakers and we all put £1 in the hat and the winner of the race gets £40. It's all good and well if you pick the favourite (so you think). But remember back to 1967 when Foinavon won at 100/1. I wonder how many winners of the sweepstake that year wish they had gone to the betting shop down the road. A lot of families love a kind of mini sweepstake where they pick ten horses each or just four and the money rolls over to the next year. The Jacks family in Redcar have amassed a bank of £1000 pound since no winner has been tipped since Jerry in 1840. More of a generational sweepstake.

4) I Like That Name Or Colour! 

I often say knowledge is power. In most instances that is true. But, wait a minute, the Grand National isn't any ordinary race. Didn't that Captain Becher fall off his horse and swim in the water jump for six months until he was found by a punter walking his dog? OK, perhaps I added to the story. In general, this race defies comprehension. Five 100/1 winners! So, perhaps, that's the reason you should forget about form, betting or the advice of John McCrirrick. Let's just look down the list of runners and find a name we like! Perhaps the colour of those racing silks! 

5) The Insider

His name is an anagram of Red Rum (known today as Mr Rude). He works for the local stable and sat on the horse last week. It motored up the gallops so swiftly that the owner added go-faster stripes to its flanks and they changed the riding hat for a motorbike helmet. 

''If this horse doesn't win I'll eat my...'' 

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