Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Betting in 2018

Yes, the number of bets is low. Nonexistent. It's not me - it's the horses. Sounds like you are waiting for the pun. 

I sometime wish I had called Multibetpro something else. It kind of points me - and you - in the direction of multibets. Not keen on multibets in ways. The main problem being that I don't have enough selections to make a multibet. That could be a problem, hey? Perhaps I should just buy a new domain and call it something... 

I mean a different name which isn't so fixed. It leads you down the garden path to a gooseberry bush.

Never mind. 

You know I can write about any aspect of horse racing. Just give me a word and I will turn it into a sentence, paragraph, chapter, book. Perhaps book from a word is pushing it a little. Although most books come down to one word, meaning, theme... 

Love. Betrayal. Conflict. Hope. Ambition. 


That's the word we need to dissect here. Horse racing. Is that one or two words. My spellchecker doesn't like it as two. 

So what am I to do with this website? Sure there will be days when I have a few selections I rate and feel the need to detail them here. You know we know our stuff when it comes to two-year-old horses racing. We proved that with the limited number of tips given on these posts. 

Perhaps I should just forget about the website name and write whatever comes to mind. It would resolve the problem I have with writer's block. I'm never lost for words but if I don't have a decent bet to give I just can't bring myself to chew the fat. It just doesn't seem ethical. Even gamblers have ethics. Well, I do. I guess most gamblers are viewed as shady, cigar-smoking infidels. The kind of people who would rather take than give. I am far too generous. I guess I must have one of those souls which shines brightly in a darkened room. Who knows. 

I wish this website was called singlebetpro. 


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