Saturday, 14 July 2018

He Won by Pure, Jammy Luck

I know lots of punters hate multi bets... 

However, there are plenty of gamblers who fancy they can win a fortune with a small bet. It might be a remote chance but it can and does happen on a daily basis. 

We've all seen the stories where some lucky bleeder wins a few hundred grand for a bet that cost less than a cup of coffee. Whether they were wise or just jammy they placed their bet and it changed their life for good. 

I guess every punter has that dream. Who is to say it won't be you who tastes the sweet success sooner rather than later. 

Multibetpro is back with a difference. 

We know to win big you need to get lucky. 

We're not going all scientific here. I'm a man with a rabbit's foot tied to a horseshoe. If I had a middle name it would be Lucky.

This website is all about random selections. I know it seems a brainless concept but can pure, random luck beat the experts who think they know best? It seems unlikely, misjudged, haphazard if not a little insane. 

But that's what this website is all about - chancing your luck.

In addition to the multibets, we will detail stories of big winners across the board of gambling: lotto, football, slots, casino, horse racing, greyhounds... Every big winner has a story to tell and we will revisit the stories of those who hit the jackpot. 

Good luck to all. 

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