Monday, 14 September 2015

Tuesday's Tips From Multi Bet

The favourites are the strength and the two 10/1 shots we may need to get a bit lucky. Can't quite work out Rosie Royce but she may be good enough to hit the frame and beyond that fingers crossed. Mancinello is noted but to be a strong each way chance needs to be backed. It may well be backed and taking 10/1 could be a good move. Hope that happens and all hit the frame at least. 

Mancinello NR
Rosie Royce 11/1 4th
Zain Emperor 6/5 Unp
Ninetta 5/6 1st

Stake: £3:00 Return: £0.90 P/L -£2.10   

Sorry for slow update, been on holiday.    

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